Guide to Writing a Case Study in Your Dissertation or Thesis

While writing a thesis you might come across the option of incorporating a case study in your thesis. A question would arise: should I write a case study for my thesis? And that’s indeed a thought to ponder.

However, including or not including a case study, entirely depends on your topic and the in-depth analysis you are doing. This will require industry applications and analysis of the case. Nonetheless, the conclusions that you make must be true, to the point, and not generalized.

So, before we delve further with advantages of case study, let’s start with understanding the basics.

What is a case study?

A case study is considering a problem or research related to your subject and providing real-time solutions to it. It is basically a practical study of your theory.

So, if you are to develop a case study for your doctoral dissertation, be ready to make some extra efforts to incorporate it. However, a help service can save your time if you are not ready for developing a case study. The case study that you incorporate should be relatable and connected to the subject.

There should always be reasons providing your choice of the particular case study. Also, the more complex the case study is, the more research analysis it requires.

Guide to writing a good case study dissertation

If you have made up your mind about incorporating a doctoral dissertation on a case study of method, here are a few guidelines that have to be kept in mind. These points ensure that your case study is neat, clean, and to the point. It delivers the essential solutions required for the practical problem that you are highlighting.

  1. Show connectivity

Be very clear as to why you are incorporating the specific case study in your dissertation. It should connect to the topic and describe the relationship between them. The conclusion and solutions should be practical, executable, and not generalized.

  1. Give reasons for choosing the topic

There may be several case study examples for students on the same topic, so give correct reasons on why you have chosen this one. It should be mentioned explicitly what makes the topic connected more to your subject than any other case based on the same subject.

  1. Provide arguments to support the findings

When you do a case study, it is essential to give practical solutions and arguments. So, support your conclusions with proper arguments and real-time implementations.

  1. Follow the correct blueprint for writing a crystal-clear case study

The basic aim of the case study is to provide practical solutions to real problems. Thus, there are certain steps involved in writing a case study like summary, findings, solutions, discussions, conclusion, implementations, references, and appendices. Adhere to every step for a successful case study.

Advantages of Case study in Dissertation/ Thesis

Incorporating a case study in a thesis requires a lot of effort. But if done correctly, it can affect the merit or distinction of the individual. This means a case study easily attracts the examiner and magnifies your efforts.

You turn your opinions into facts and your observations into usable information. This is enough for the examiner to know that you have great practical knowledge about the subject.

Also, you must incorporate case study by performing various types of research. Thus, you may need to go places or conduct extensive research online and offline. And these efforts certainly pay off.

The Final Word

Incorporation of a case study in a thesis is an essential part of the study that you are doing. It is a perfectly practical approach to support your research. And as the case study conclusions cannot be generalized your personalized efforts can be greatly realized.

Moreover, developing case study doctoral dissertation signifies that you can implement the study in use, rather than just researching and mentioning the theory part. And this creates a good impression with the examiner as your theory supports your practical knowledge and vice versa.

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