Doctoral Project: Formatting and Submitting Thesis to the Library

Submission of the final dissertation to the university library involves a lot of steps. But the final submission at the university means that you have completed the required revisions and all the defense of the submitted topic.

In this article, we will guide you for a successful library dissertation clearance.

Steps for submitting the final dissertation to the library

We know the importance of the efforts that you have put into the research of your thesis. Hence it is very essential that you submit it successfully. Here is a formatting guide for the successful completion of the doctoral dissertation.

  1. Get all information required for a clearance process

Fix a meeting with the academic department and know all the procedures required for submission of the thesis. Note down all the questions and get them cleared with the concerned department. Also, know about the deadlines well in advance to avoid the last-minute rush.

  1. Complete the viva

All your orals should be finalized before the committee. Only once the final viva is completed, you can go ahead make the changes in the paper and get it ready for formatting.

  1. Final formatting

Once you have received and implemented the final changes, it’s time to format the document in APA style. A doctoral dissertation formatting in APA is essential for submission.

  1. Fill up the forms

There are forms to be filled and you need to get formal approval from the director, supervisors, and related committee members.

  1. Submissions

Once all the formalities are completed, you need to submit the thesis and the completed forms to the committee for checking. Then just cross your fingers and wait for their acceptance.

  1. Approval

Once the committee checks your thesis and they are satisfied, they send their approval as  acceptance.

  1. Publish it

Congrats! Your paper is all ready to be published and all your efforts have reaped great results.

Some things to keep in mind before submission

A dissertation submission requires effort as much as the research. We are not trying to stress you out but we are trying to get your attention. We understand the long hours of work a thesis takes, but you should never compromise on the finalization and strongly adhere to the guidelines of the university.

Now, here is an overview of the things that you should keep in mind before submitting your thesis.

  1. Follow the APA style and make sure the font is legible, printable.
  2. The page format, pagination, margins, the layout must be maintained.
  3. The first page must include all the details about the title and details of the thesis.
  4. Table of contents
  5. Cross-check if the bibliographies and citations.
  6. If the thesis is being asked in printed copies, bind them securely.


It is always good to keep the committee in the loop about the progress of your paper. This will help them and you to have first-hand knowledge about your thesis. Thus, whenever you need help or advice from the supervisor, it becomes easy for them to come up with suggestions and ideas.

Thus, this is the basic way on how to submit your thesis to the library. Every university has its own set of rules, but the basics remain the same. Therefore, we would request you to know about the rules and regulations of your university before the submissions.

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